Interior Architecture


At the crossroads of rationality and sensitivity, the interior designer conceives the various spaces of your home, giving them the intent and meaning of which will be born identity, coherence and readability.

Speaking mostly inside the frame, the designer takes advantage of this constraint by providing technical and creative responses, functional and aesthetic. From the very first sketches to the delivery of the work, the interior designer, fully fledged project manager, coordinates the various figures that will lead to the accomplishment of the work.

You want to:

• View a series of graphic elements that will help you project you in your future interior
• Begin work at a specific moment
• Get an accurate quote from the various providers solicited (construction company, kitchen architect ...).
• Anticipate all project data (feasibility, technical constraints, budget, choice of materials, colours and furniture) before engaging renovation

The different steps:


1st Step - from the outlines :


  • Assessing your needs
  • Taking measurements and identifying the existing plan
  • Propositions of new layouts


2nd Step - to the details :


  • Dimensional Layout Drawings
  • Elevation views & Sectional Drawings
  • Electrical plans
  • Selection and listing of Materials (Tiles, Parquet, Taps)
  • Description of the detailed work site (Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electricity)
  • Consultation of companies
  • Estimates and analysing of the offers
  • Selaction of furniture, decoration and colors schemes


3rd Step - Follow up & on site coordination :


  • Once the project is defined and launched, we will be coordinating with all the various companies, inspecting the working site, and making sure the quality meets your expectations. Regular site meetings will be held, to inform you with the progress until the acceptance and the final completion of your new interior designed home.