Interior Architecture

At the crossroads of rational and sensitive, the interior designer thinks of spaces, gives them the intention and meaning from which identity, coherence and legibility will emerge.


Most of the time working inside the building, he knows how to take advantage of this constraint through technical and creative, functional and aesthetic responses. From the first sketches to the acceptance of the works, the interior architect, as a full-fledged project manager, coordinates the various trades by completing the architecture of the premises.


We provide you with graphic elements to project you into your future interior design.


We start work when you want.


You obtain a precise estimate from the various service providers (construction company, kitchen designer, etc.).


We anticipate all the data of your project (feasibility, technical constraints, budget, choice of materials, colours and furniture) before undertaking any renovation work.


The firm's approach can be summarized in 3 steps:


The first step consists of listening to your needs, identifying what already exists and sketching out development proposals.


The second step focuses on details; we produce the side layout plans, elevations and sections, electrical plans, material selection and referencing, detailed site description in batches, company consultations, work specifications and finally the selection of furniture, decoration and colours.


At this stage, you can, if you wish, commission us to monitor and coordinate the work.


This brings us to the third step.  


Following the study of your project, we coordinate the various stakeholders and control the quality of the work performed. We take care of the site meetings and inform you of the smooth progress of the work until the reception and final staging of your new interior.